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Be friendly and polite

We are all about creating a friendly environment. Let's treat each other with respect. You can be honest in your reviews, but be factual.


No promotions or spam

Self-promotion, spam and irrelevant content and links are not allowed. This type of content is deleted and may lead to exclusion from


No hate speech or bullying

Make sure everyone feels safe. We do not allow any form of bullying, and derogatory comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity are not tolerated.



According to the law of copyright and intellectual property of 12 May 1961, it is forbidden to publish or copy images without the photographer's permission. State the photographer/source if you have been allowed to publish other people's photos. We recommend never using images you search for in Google or other search engines.

You are responsible for all photos and videos you upload to VFB. Claims directed against VFB as a result of a breach of the Copyright Act will be directed against you or a company that has uploaded image(s) and/or video without permission.


Police report

Gross violations of the rules may result in a police report.



You are 100% responsible for content uploaded and published.


Anonymous users

Users who hide their identity to publish spam and irrelevant content and links will be deleted.


Fake reviews

It is strictly forbidden to share fake reviews. In other words, the company publishes its own assessment or we suspect that this has been agreed, false name, email and/or names and emails that looks suspect.


Personal data, text and images

When you submit reviews, you agree tha we storage your entered data in the form.

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